You need more help…

Life Transitions & Estate Sales offers a very different approach to the “Estate Sale” business. It’s our belief that those times when people need to liquidate assets in order to downsize, or because of a death in the family, or for any reason that leads to a need to turn personal possessions into dollars, …those times represent a BIG change in someone’s life. For many, it can be a part of the biggest or most difficult change in their lives.  And selling assets is just one part of that. We understand that people face additional decisions and challenging situations during these times. It’s a much bigger life change, or transition, than simply selling possessions.

…and we offer more help.

Life Transitions & Estate Sales offers more help, to get you through these life transitions with fewer worries, less stress, and the comfort of knowing that you have knowledgeable, experienced and compassionate experts helping you with ALL of the decisions and challenges. We offer Complete “Personal-Touch” Assistance because we know from experience that you may have more valuable assets like collectible cars, or a boat. Perhaps a jewelry collection, or valuable art. To ensure that you get the most from your valuables you first need someone who understands what these things are worth. And that’s the first area where Life Transitions & Estate Sales excels. Our many years of experience and study ensure Right Pricing of your assets. This means establishing a price that most benefits you, but ensures the item will be sold, as well. Right Pricing can be the difference between a very successful estate sale, and a disappointing sale.

After the sale of personal possessions, we know you may need to sell the house, or property. Life Transitions & Estate Sales will handle this for you as well, if you like. We work with experts to get the very best price for your property, and to do it quickly. It’s another part of what we offer.

But there’s more! Do you need help moving to an assisted living facility, or joining your family? Yes, we’ll help with that! Do you have a beloved pet who cannot come with you. Let us help find a loving home for your friend.

There are sometimes items that do not sell, but are too nice to throw away. We strongly believe it is better to recycle these items than allow them to go to the landfill. Allow us to help ensure that all of your possessions find a new home with someone who can use and appreciate them. We believe that the land-fill is absolutely the last resort, and will work hard to find the best way to recycle your items.

After we finish your sale and your move, we’ll even sweep up!

We customize our service to your needs!

Life Transitions & Estate Sales understands that each individual situation is unique, and we will help you with your life transition wherever, and in whatever way, you need it. However, we will not push on you, or charge you for, any service you don’t need. Our ultimate goal is to make your life transition as easy and stress free as possible. To help in every way that we can, and to stay by your side through the entire process.