What is an estate sale?

An estate sale is the sale of personal property- furniture, china, antiques, books, pictures, and all household items.

How much does it cost?

Our estate sale fee is commission. Several factors aid in determining the actual percentage including amount of preparation needed, type of items to be sold, etc. Packing, moving/relocation and home repairs/replacement tasks will be provided based on quoted rates for specific task to be performed.

How is my property left after the sale?

All items are removed and the house is left secure and broom clean. Real estate agents often request our service because we prepare the house for sale. Our alliance agents also like estate sales because more people will see the house during the estate sale than any other time the house is for sale. Often, the house is sold during the estate sale.

How and when do I receive my money from the sale?

You receive your money from the estate sale 14 days after the sale by certified or business check

How is the sale conducted?

Our team has a core group of individuals available to set up, price, and/or work the sale on the sale dates. Arriving at prices requires thoughtful and careful examination and research. Reduced prices may be offered on the second and sometimes third days of the sale. There are no presales offered. Throughout the sale we may take bids on particular items from interested customers. If the item has not been sold by late in the day of the last day of the sale, we will contact the bidder and offer to sell the item at the price bid. Arrangements are made for supervision of pick up or delivery for large items. Broom cleaning of any area of the house is included.

How is the price of the items established?

Our team will perform close inspection of the items and based on experience and research through multiple alliance vendors, we research the items to establish real value. Since our fee is based on a commission of the total sale, it is to our advantage to sell your items at the highest price possible.

Do I need to be present during the sale?

No, in fact we ask that family members do not attend the sale.

How will I know when to schedule moving or relocation of items?

We will provide a detailed schedule of the entire process and we will stay on that schedule. We will work with you in a personal manner to assist with arrangements for utilities, making sure furniture will fit the downsized location, hang pictures in the new location, and make sure you are settled and comfortable in your new home.

What if something happens during the sale and an item is lost or damaged?

We are fully insured and accept responsibility for all personal property while under our security

What about pets?

We will do our best to arrange for a new home for pets if necessary. We are animal lovers.