Estate Planning Information Seminars

Estate Planning Information Seminars Available


David Rose shares knowledge & experience

The helpful folks at Life Transitions and Estate Sales have found that understanding the various aspects involved in dividing a family estate, and how those challenging times can be simplified, and better organized, will make it much easier for everyone involved. In an effort to help, Life Transitions often does Estate Planning Information Seminars for small and medium sized groups of people interested in knowing more about how to handle specific facets of dividing family estates and heirlooms.

David Rose and members of his experienced staff are available to speak with your group about how to handle the pressures and pitfalls often associated with life changes like downsizing, moving to assisted living or the loss of a loved one. They offer their years of knowledge and experience in the Estate Sale industry to help make things easier to understand, and simpler to handle. In challenging times, that can be a huge help.

David can organize a talk for your group, or a more extensive “Lunch & Learn” seminar. He’s flexible, and always willing to custom tailor something just right for your particular group’s needs.

Here is a typical itinerary for a “Lunch & Learn” seminar:

How To Divide Family Estate & Heirlooms

Peacefully and Sensibly

A solutions based no-nonsense guide to equitable distribution


Principals for Dividing Estates

Rights & Responsibilities as Heirs

The Role of the Executor

What’s It Worth? Values & Expectations

How to Divide the Estate with Family Intact

Top 12 Practical Problems & Solutions

Family Challenges & Solutions

Helpful Resources, Worksheets & Forms

This is just one example of what Life Transitions can offer. As with everything we do, our goal is to help in the very best way we can. So we are happy to work with you and your particular circumstances to create the perfect Estate Planning Information Seminar for your needs. Please feel free to contact us at the phone number listed, or fill out the form, to learn more about how we can help you and your group.

We look forward to hearing from you!